But isn't it the same as a Virtual Tour?

No. Virtual tours are just the same flat photos put to a slide show and music. A Video Tour actually takes the viewer around and through the property. They get a truer sense of the flow and layout. See here for a comparison.

I have a camcorder, can't I just film my own tour?

Sure you can. However there are many reasons to let a professional handle it. What is your time worth? Do you really want to invest in the equipment, software and time involved and still end up with mediocre results? Or would you rather be out selling?

What do you film?

We film residential and commercial properties that are for sale or lease, as well as luxury yachts. For select clients we will film promo / interview style pieces.

Do you charge more for bigger properties?

No. We believe in keeping it simple. We charge one simple fee for everything.

I'm not in Tennessee or Florida, do you travel?

Certainly. Obviously it's not cost effective to send our crew a long distance for one shoot, however if multiple properties are involved, or travel costs covered, we will be happy to come to your location. Contact Us to find out more.

Do you offer special pricing?

Yes. For realtors/brokers who use our services regularly we will negociate special pricing. Contact our Sale Team for more information.

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