Video Tours provide something flat photos and 2D "virtual" tours cannot. They provide real artistic stimuli to the viewers emotions. Seeing the trees sway, Watching sun beams shift across the tile, Feeling a sense of grandeur from the view on a balcony...these are but a few ways video engages the buyer that static images cannot.

      And yet, video tours appeal to the analytical side of the buyers too. Where is the master bedroom situated compared to the kitchen? Is the living area convenient to the rear patio? The area leading up to the house, what does it look like? With a video tour these questions are subconsiously addressed and answered.

So what is the process?
      - We will send our professional videographer to your location to film the property, taking into account the key selling features you have specified.
- After filming, our skilled editors will transform the raw footage into a 3-5 minute finished video, giving the viewer a complete property experience.
- Post production will optimize the finished version, adding custom music track, graphics and compression for viewing on the internet.
- Once the video is approved by you, our staff will upload the finished video online. Of course your video will be tagged with the appropriate keywords to assure your viewers are finding your listings.

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